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We have required volunteers to contribute to an English language project. This was collaboration between several organizations who shared a concern with raising English proficiency in Kelantan. It aimed to support schools by challenging the widespread negativity amongst students learning the language. In order to make English more accessible, each session was designed to be fun and enjoyable, with an emphasis on games and role play. The target group was asnaf students whose parents are unable to afford private English language tuition. The En@M program was held in the:

1. Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu
2. Masjid Sultan Muhammad II – Telipot
3. Masjid Al Sultan Ismail Petra – Kubang Kerian
4. Masjid Mahmudi – Bachok
5. Masjid Ibrahimi – Pasir Puteh
6. Masjid Sultan Yahya Petra – Machang
7. Masjid Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra – Gua Musang
8. Masjid Sultan Muhammad I – Jeli
9. Masjid Ismail Petra – Tanah Merah
10. Masjid Sultan Muhammad III – Pasir Mas
11. Masjid Ismaili – Tumpat
12. Masjid Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra – Kuala Krai

The students were selected from the local area. In each Mosque, there was a primary and secondary class of fifty.

En@M started on the 28th August and ran for twelve consecutive weeks. The classes were free of charge. Students were rewarded for regular attendance on completion of the program. We were looking for volunteers to participate on the En@M program. We required:
(1) English language teachers
(2) Classroom assistants.

The language teachers have received RM 100 expenses per session. You must have had some previous teaching experience to be eligible. A lesson plan and teaching materials were given to you prior to each session. Classroom assistants must have a reasonable level of English language proficiency but do not need a background in education. We would like each volunteer to commit to at least one session per month. If you are willing to volunteer please complete the application form below.

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